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The Silver Fern Suites and Spa in Rotorua New Zealand has been award an official 5 star rating by Qualmark New Zealand for being low impact on the planet and having a 'light footprint'. Management at the Silver Fern have always strived for excellence in the area of sustainability. We have a firm belief that if we are kinder to the planet today, our children and their children will have a healthier planet and a healthier life.

There are many strategies and actions that we have implemented that contribute to a successfully light footprint but these are just a few that guests directly engage with and that we are proud to be able to offer:

  • Electric Vehicle Charger on-site.
    The Silver Fern Suites and Spa has an on-site sales point ready to charge your electric vehicle for a competitive 30c per kilowatt. Accessible through the 'KiwiEV' mobile app.

  • Energy Efficient Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning.
    Each room has recently been upgraded to the latest energy efficient heat pumps and air conditioning. It is important that our guests are comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer. It also offers the added confidence in this post-pandemic world that each room is separately vented, the filters and pipes are clean and bacteria free, and that this all achieved effectively with little impact on the environment.

  • Plastic Reductions.
    The Silver Fern has a policy of no single use plastics in it's operations.

  • Environmentally Friendly Spa Products.
    The cornerstone of each and every product in this range is a uniquely New Zealand ingredient, representative of a uniquely New Zealand location. From the uplifting scent of Kerikeri Citrus to the prolific Kelp found in Kaikoura, there is an ingredient to reflect and celebrate almost every area of our land of the long white cloud – Aotearoa.

  • Tranquility Bathroom Product.
    These products are pH balanced and very mild on the skin. Contains Aloe Vera and other skin moisturisers. Has a pleasant perfume, suited for both men and women. Produced sustainably and with the planet in mind.

  • Courtesy Bicycles.
    Complimentary bicycles for guests, ideal for exploring Rotorua with low impact. Enjoy your own mini adventure in a healthy fun way.

  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products.
    All of the Silver Fern's cleaning products are safe on the environment, non-toxic and tested for top-quality efficacy.

  • Paperless Office Operations.
    At the Silver Fern we are conscious of the beautiful oxygen generating trees that surround us. This constant reminder of our beautiful surrounding motivated us from the outset to ensure our accommodation operations are completely paperless.


What Does Qualmark Award Mean?

This award is evidence of a sophisticated tourism business that consistently exceeds visitor expectations.  Proactive leadership and management ensure that a culture of high performance is evident throughout the entire business.  The business will have a real focus on continuously improving their economic, social and environmental performance to ensure the tourism product they deliver is a genuine, constantly improving sustainable experience. For all of the above the Silver Fern Suites & Spa has been awarded 5 stars.

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