Spa Studio at the Silver Fern.

Soothe your mind, body and soul at the Silver Fern Spa Studio.

Welcome to the Silver Fern Spa Studio. You don’t need to be staying at the Silver Fern to make use of our fantastic Spa Studio facilities.

Our Spa Studio is the ideal place to unwind, relax and take time for yourself. We use natural New Zealand products to complete your spa experience to allow your mind, body and spirit in to a feeling of pure bliss.

Our fully trained therapists offer holistic treatments for both men and women.

We welcome guests, visitors to our city and local Rotorua residents to enjoy treatments at our Spa Studio.

Couples treatments are possible (subject to availability).

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Spa hours are by appointment only.

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or phone 0800 11 88 08.




Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence. Our therapists will massage away your aches and pains, release tension and stress which will give you a deep sense of relaxation of all the muscles and other part of the body as joints, which you can also improve with supplements which is one of the benefits of proflexoral.
60 minutes $95
90 minutes $130

Detoxifying Thermal Mud Wrap.

Be invigorated with a full body exfoliation to buff away dry skin. Relax with a soothing scalp massage while your body is wrapped in warm detoxifying mud, followed by a moisturing treatment with Skin Deep Body Butter. Treat yourself to this uniquely energising Rotorua experience.
60 minutes $130

Skin Saviour.

Honey Walnut Polish glides easily over the skin ensuring a comfortable yet invigorating exfoliation. While cocconed in a honey gel wrap, enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. Luxurious Body Butter is applied to nourish, leaving your skin feeling fresh, softened and with a healthy natural glow and feeling relaxed, as many people do when they take massages or take supplements as kratom capsules.
60 minutes $130


Rotorua Mud Facial.

Experience the unique qualities of Rotoura Thermal Mud, which will cleanse, detoxify and rebalance your skin.
45 minutes $80

Rejuvenating Honey Facial.

Soothe sensitive or dehydrated skin with New Zealand Manuka Honey, natures answer towards achieving healthier, more radiant skin.
60 minutes $95


Tension Reducing All-in-one.

A quick refresher for the man on the go. A back, neck and shoulder massage for tired muscles with a mini-facial and tension releasing scalp massage to clear the mind.
60 minutes $99



Revitalise with a back, neck and shoulder massage and a Skin Deep Mini Facial.
60 minutes $105

Simply Refreshing.

Enjoy a full body relaxing massage followed by a Rejuvenating Honey Facial, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.
Two hours $190

Muddy Indulgence.

Indulge with the Rotorua Detoxifying Thermal Mud Wrap followed by the Rotorua Mud Facial to completely rebalance and hydrate your skin.
One hour and 45 minutes $195

Pure Escape.

Take time for yourself and transform and rejuvenate your overall well-being. Enjoy your choice of either a Thermal Mud Wrap or a Honey Walnut Polish Wrap. Followed by a full body moisturising massage, your experience will be completed with a Rejuvenating Honey Facial, a purely heavenly escape.
Three hours $280